Cuban Son and Salsa Courses

31 January 2020 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm Europe/London Timezone
Club Cuba
3 Queensferry St Ln
Edinburgh EH2 4PF
£50 for 8 weeks
07872 314078


Learn how to dance Cuban son, the sensuous and smooth traditional Cuban dance stemming from eastern Cuba.  If you are familiar with the  music of the Buena Vista Social Club, you have already listened to Son music.  Cuban Son provides the roots of salsa.  You can learn how to move and savour the elegant cadence of Son with Yamil who comes from Santiago de Cuba, the cradle of this style of music.

The rhythm, steps, movement and poise is totally different in Son from salsa. Step by step you will learn how to move like a Cuban.

No partner required, just come along and enjoy the classes!  2000-2100


These classes are designed for more experienced dancers. You will already know all of the elementary and improver moves such as 70, 72 and enchuflas. You will also be able to dance longer sequences.  In this course the focus is on learning longer combinations of dance moves.  Also how to improvise and interpret the music, how to mix different Cuban genres such as salsa with mambo/rumba/orishas and more.  You will learn how to lead and follow like a Cuban, and how to be a confident dancer in Cuban salsa.

No partner required, but please note this is not a beginner/improver level course, but is aimed at more advanced salsa dancers.  2100-2200



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